Possibility to buy blinds and roller blinds from the manufacturer in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, provides the company "Jaluzi-service".

Our company provides a full range of services when ordering blinds or roller shutters: visit to the customer’s house with material samples, measurement of windows, doors or other openings, making the model of blinds chosen, assembly of the finished product, as well as guarantees of trouble-free operation. All this work will be in a short period of time agreed with the customer.

The Company "Jaluzi-service" offers all the sun-screening system, well-known in the Ukrainian market, as well as protective blinds or shutters (interior and exterior), Garage roller gates, roller shutters made of perforated profiles, roller shutters used in fences.

What are the advanced sun-screen systems? Despite the variety of all kinds of blinds and roller blinds, they can be separated by only a few types of horizontal and vertical blinds, roller blinds, roman blinds.

Horizontal blinds vary the slats in width, colors, slat material, as well as a method for fixing. For example, horizontal blinds "Elegant" and "Venus" differ in the way of fastening and are mainly used for metal-plastic windows with rotary adjustable ventilation systems, moreover, shutters "Elegant" and are yet of different structure, which provides overlapping of mounting holes in the slats.

Vertical blinds are also very varied in design owing to different width of the slats, and a large variety of fabrics for the manufacture of droppers. A special place is taken by applique fabric blinds. Using the slats of different colors and sizes, designers create unique patterns and designs, converting vertical blinds in a real masterpiece.

Rollers shades are most widely represented fabric shutters of different colors and made of fabrics of different texture. The most original look roller shades Day and Night, consisting of unusual double cloth fabric, which is divided into uniform horizontal transparent and opaque bands. Another roller shades are made of bamboo and hessian (jute canvas).

Roman blinds in design are not similar to any other blinds. Rigid rods are horizontally sewn in a thick cloth at regular intervals, which when the blinds are up, provide formation of smooth soft folds. Roman blinds look very stylish and quite popular.

Protective blinds for windows and doors, garage gates, rolling grilles are made of different aluminum or steel sections, which differ in the method of production (rolling, extrusion), filling, rigidity and thickness.

Photo blinds and roller shutters presented on our website will provide you an opportunity not only to get an idea about certain models, but also tells you what kinds of blinds or roller shutters are of better use in certain interior. The price of blinds and roller shutters is easily calculated using the online calculator on the website, it is necessary only to indicate the model, size and material of manufacture.

How is the installation?

Reasons why to order shutters and blinds in the company "Blinds-SERVIS":

Reason # 1

Production on equipment thevalue of $550 thousand

Reason # 2

Year warranty and post-warranty service of all products.

Reason # 3

a great experience. We working since 2001.

Reason 4

Master come in convenient time and day. weeks.

Reason 5

Great choice. In stock always in the availability of material in the $250-300 thousand

Reason # 6

Compliance with all production standards DSTU.

Reason # 7

If You need urgently, You do an emergency!

Reason # 8

After completion of the work of the master clean up afterwards.

Reason # 9

We confidentiality guarantee information about You.

Reason # 10

part of the profit goes to orphanages.

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