Horizontal wooden blinds

Wood horizontal blinds — pretty expensive model, but these blinds indispensable for expensive interiors, since furniture made of precious wood, beautiful parquet requires the ensemble of such accessory, which will emphasize the elegance of the interior style. Since the lamella is made from natural wood and treated with natural materials, horizontal wooden blinds absolutely environmental sun system, suitable for any room.

Width of lamella wooden blinds can be 25 or 50 mm, and a choice of colors from almost white to wenge, will allow you to order horizontal blinds wood exactly matches the color of your furniture.

You can buy wood blinds baby — this will ensure it nice and clean environmental atmosphere in the office they will create a business style in the living room adds luxury to the elegance of the interior, and the bedroom will inspire serenity and peace.

Caring for wooden blinds very simple, because they are processed in the manufacture of anti-static material that prevents the deposition of dust, only wipe them with a soft cloth.

How to order?

to Order blinds or shutters you can in two ways:

  • - inviting Gager with samples at a convenient time for you;
  • - by making the measurements for the manufacture and installation of blinds on their own, specify them when ordering.

in any order blinds or shutters you will receive comprehensive advice from our experts.

the the
Independent measurements and installation Measurements and installation specialist
Step 1: the window openings Measure respectively elected blinds with the help of our expert and send us your order with sizes and the name of the blinds Step 1: to Invite Gager by phone or from the website
Step 2: Order is calculated by the Manager, the cost of the order is announced on the phone or stated in the letter that was sent to your e-mail; you make payment to PrivatBank card Step 2: the rackman-designer with product samples, makes measurements and calculates the cost of the order, advance payment is not taken (with a stable exchange rate of hryvnia)
Step 3: in 2-7 days you will receive your order in a convenient firm for the delivery Step 3: 2-7 days is the installation of blinds; having accepted the job, you will pay the installer
Step 4: Leave feedback on the website Step 4: Leave feedback to the installer or on the website

the the
Model blinds The cost
Horizontal wood blinds slat 25mm 1696 UAH m2
Horizontal wooden blind slat 50 mm 1855 UAH m2
Metering, delivery, installation for a single product
(rounding the area up to 0.7 m2)
the Kyiv:

10 %

*the cost of metering, delivery, installation at least 150 UAH.

the Others:

40-50 UAH.

*the cost of metering, delivery, installation not less than 100 UAH.