Blinds of bamboo

Giant grass — bamboo, which we used to see it only bamboo rods for fishing, currently used in many products. Furniture of bamboo, parket plank and especially popular now bamboo blinds.

It can be horizontal blinds, which consist of bamboo slats, and roller bamboo blinds.

Roller blinds from bamboo fabric, which consists of thin horizontal bamboo strips fastened together with vertical threads or tapes. spread in Ukraine for a long time. Even during Soviet times, roller bamboo blinds imported from Vietnam. They were good quality but quite fragile, bamboo strips, of which they consisted, quickly broke.

Modern bamboo blinds reliable and durable as are made from bamboo strips of sufficient strength and thickness, which, by the way, finished with special varnishes that prevent the destruction of bamboo wood.

Bamboo blinds and bamboo roller blinds come in a variety of natural colors, because the color of the bamboo wood can give a palette from dark brown to light green or light yellow color. Bamboo blinds are easy to match to the interior, they are consistent not only with the interior in Oriental style, will accept them, and high-tech, and country music, and minimalism. Indispensable bamboo blinds in the nursery because there should prevail natural materials that do not emit harmful substances even when heated, the scorching rays of the sun. Wiping the bamboo blinds with a damp cloth will remove dust more and they need no care.