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Blinds and roller blinds in Dnepropetrovsk


buy shutters in Dnepropetrovsk just got easier. Company Blinds-Service has opened its branch in the beautiful city on the Dnieper. Our company manufacturing the blinds quickly and accurately performs the ordering, starting from the necessary measurements for the manufacture of blinds before they install and guarantees long-term operation.

All the known standard horizontal blinds, and now they have modified models — horizontal blinds for plastic Windows, the so-called elegant and Venus. They have a more modern look and no need of the cane, it is enough to only chain. These blinds are almost attached to the glass, and their main feature — they are not separated from the window by rotating the frame on the airing. Another species of this group — wood horizontal blinds. These shades, despite the relatively high price have a number of advantages and main of them — chic look. Wooden horizontal blinds are able to decorate the most luxurious interiors.

Fabric vertical blinds, and vertical blinds application universal application. You can see them in living rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, and office facilities.

without a doubt the most common type of blinds — roller blinds. Their kind — fabric blinds — made from fabrics impregnated with a special anti-static solutions, it keeps the roller clean and prevents molting colors. Buy fabric blinds can be any colour, plain or with floral or geometric pattern that allows customers to choose fabric blinds to your taste.

parents Often for the arrangement of Windows in children's rooms trying to buy bamboo blinds or shutters and blinds made of jute as they combine well with other natural materials in children's, such as wood and cork. Also for children, and often for kitchens, order Roman shades that create a cozy and soft atmosphere.

Stand out among the sun protection systems, protective shutters, and volvoreta. The company Blinds-SERVIS you can buy protective shutters from different profiles, extruded, nonpowdered, it all depends on the purpose of use of protective systems. We also offer a variety of roll-up doors: garage roll-up door, volvoreta for private homes and industries.

Price for protective shutters in Kharkiv depends on the size and on the selected profile. The price of the blinds in our company is low, because we are trying to profit at the expense of the number of orders and reduce the price by purchasing wholesale components and accessories.


How is the installation?

Reasons why to order shutters and blinds in the company "Blinds-SERVIS":

Reason # 1

Production equipment thevalue of $550 thousand

Reason # 2

Year warranty and post-warranty service of all products.

Reason # 3

a great experience. We working since 2001.

Reason 4

Master come in convenient time and day. weeks.

Reason 5

Great choice. In stock always in the availability of materials for $250-300 thousand

Reason # 6

the Compliance of products with standards DSTU.

Reason # 7

If You need urgently, You do an emergency!

Reason # 8

After completion of the work of the master clean up after themselves.

Reason # 9

We privacy guarantee information about You.

Reason # 10

part of the profit goes to orphanages.

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