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Blinds and roller blinds in Pukenichi


Jaluzi-service in Pukenichi is a full range of services in manufacturing and installing blinds and shutters of various types.

Measurement and installation of blinds and shutters in Pukenichi specialists of our company comes promptly after ordering convenient for customers.

What are the types of blinds and roller shutters, the company offers Jaluzi-service in Pukenichi?

Standard horizontal blinds and modified for horizontal blinds for plastic Windows, the so-called Venus and elegant, which when mounted is attached to the frame and does not SAG when you turn it on airing. Wooden horizontal blinds perfectly complement classic interiors, well combined with wooden furniture.

Many offices in Pukenichi decorated with vertical fabric blinds, which not only provide the office space comfort, but also practical in use. The slats of vertical blinds are made of fabrics with special impregnation, which protects the blinds from pollution and deformation. Houses and apartments decorate a pretty original kind of vertical blinds — fabric vertical blinds application. These blinds are constructed in such a way that the lamellas of different sizes and colors create patterns, drawings, pelmets. On the film vertical blinds for offices may display the logo of the company.

the interior is very Modern complement of roller blinds. They are made from fabric, bamboo, jute. The most common are fabric blinds or fabric blinds. Because the fabric from which they are made, can have a different texture, color, color, fabric blinds easy to match to your home interior. Window offices also often cover from the sun and prying eyes fabric shutters. These blinds are practical, easy to use, require no special care.

Bamboo and jute blinds and shutters mainly used in home interiors, but they can be seen in institutions and companies that promote Eastern products.

Interesting model blinds — Roman blinds — unfairly low demand by the customers Odessa, although this type of blinds is popular in warm Italy. The possibility of using different fabrics for Roman blinds can be used in any room not just for internal protection from the sun, but the outside of the Windows.

Modern Pukenichi it is impossible to imagine without the protective blinds on the Windows of offices and first floors of the houses, and close at night the Windows and doors of shops. The company also Jaluzi-service makes Alvorada for private and industrial fences and roller garage doors.

the Price of blinds and roller blinds in Pukenichi, which forms our company, are not excessive and are justified by the costs of materials and components for production of Venetian blinds. Working with proven manufacturers of quality components, getting them in large bulk, we are able to keep prices on shutters and blinds below market.

Photos of our work on the website demonstrate the variety of blinds and shutters, as well as their best use in modern interiors.


How to order window blinds?

Reasons why to order shutters and blinds in the company "Blinds-SERVIS":

Reason # 1

Production equipment thevalue of $550 thousand

Reason # 2

Year warranty and post-warranty service of all products.

Reason # 3

a great experience. We working since 2001.

Reason 4

Master come in convenient time and day. weeks.

Reason 5

Great choice. In stock always in the availability of materials for $250-300 thousand

Reason # 6

the Compliance of products with standards DSTU.

Reason # 7

If You need urgently, You do an emergency!

Reason # 8

After completion of the work of the master clean up after themselves.

Reason # 9

We privacy guarantee information about You.

Reason # 10

part of the profit goes to orphanages.

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