Horizontal wooden blinds

Blinds made of natural pressed wood, treated with a hypoallergenic coating. Environmentally friendly products confirmed by certificates from San Epidemic Services.

Environmental material Natural material Do not break
Product cost
from 1333 uah
Actual on 28.06.22
Production time
2-7 days

Horizontal blinds

Horizontal wooden blinds Edit
1 To calculate the cost, indicate the dimensions:
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Example: 575mm = 57.5cm and 1425mm = 142.5cm
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2 Color selection
    3 Control side

    4 Add. fittings
    5 Lamella width

    Interior color

    The color of the product in the picture is conditional, it does not convey the exact color, structure and pattern of the material. The exact color is displayed in the "fabric selection" block to the left

    Select parameters for calculation
    1 pc
    Price from 1333 uah
    Production time - from 2 to 7 days

    The cost of installation is calculated separately, there are no self-tapping screws in the kit, they are selected on site independently based on the thickness of the glazing bead and the fastening surface

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    Lamella width:

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    Description of horizontal wooden blinds

    Service life from 7 to 15 years

    Natural wood

    European fittings

    Color and materials

    There are more than 20 colors for your choice, wood 25mm and 50mm wide.

    Choose a color for the blinds

    Production in any size

    Production in any size with an accuracy of mm. If you wish, you can sign up for a free measurement.

    Warranty 12 to 24 months
    Reliable coverage

    Lamels are made of pressed wood and coated with a hypoallergenic protective composition.

    Control mechanism

    Blinds rotate with a cane, and lamellas with a thread. The mechanism is displayed on the left or right side as desired.

    Certified by DSTU
    Prices Horizontal wooden blinds
    Цены на горизонтальные деревянные жалюзи
    ширина ламели 25ммширина ламели 50мм
    Цветдо 2 м.кв.от 2 м.кв.до 2 м.кв.от 2 м.кв.
    «Classic» Дерево BASSWOOD2622 грн м.кв.2432 грн м.кв.2850 грн м.кв.2622 грн м.кв.
    «Classic» Дерево PAULOWNIA2850 грн м.кв.2622 грн м.кв.
    «Classic» Бамбук BAMBOO2850 грн м.кв.2660 грн м.кв.3078 грн м.кв.2888 грн м.кв.
    «Classic» ПВХ FAUX WOOD3078 грн м.кв.2888 грн м.кв.
    «Retro» Дерево BASSWOOD3990 грн м.кв.
    Тесемчатая лесенка+10%
    На струне+10%
    Ниж фикс+5 грн к изделию
    Стоимость дополнительных работ
    Стандартный монтаж80-100грн за изделие (от объема и сложности)
    * не стандартным монтажем считается работа на высоте более 3м, а так же с применением спецсредств и спецтехники (лесницы, строительные леса и т.д.)
    ** минимальная стоимость работы не мение 300грн

    Before installing the blinds, you need to choose the suitable screws for the length. The length of the self-tapping screw should be several mm shorter than the glazing bead itself, so that when installing the self-tapping screw does not damage the glass


    Carefully unpack the blinds (preferably without the use of scissors or a knife)


    To fasten the blinds to the window, we use the L-shaped mount. Before you begin, you need to mark out future fixtures with a pencil or marker. The holes should be flush.


    Drill holes


    When installing the fasteners themselves, pay attention to the fact that the “Antenna” for the cornice should “look” down


    To fix the blinds, we start the cornice as close to the window as possible and cling to one part of the mount, and then immediately, slightly pulling the curtain rod, fasten to the second part of the mount


    If during installation, the cornice is not tightly attached to the mount, you need to remove the cornice and slightly press one “antenna”. The blinds will fit more tightly and when using the curtain rod will not move


    To install the clips, you need to completely lower the blinds. On the bottom plate of the product are plugs with a protruding part. We attach latches to them and mark future holes on the same level. The latch can be in a glazing bead, or slightly lower


    To install the string, it is advisable to leave the blinds assembled and remove from the mount. We pass the string through the entire product so that it passes through each lamella and there remains a free edge on the cornice and the lower bar.


    We pass the upper edge through the barrel, which is included and fix the string with a screw. We also do it on the other side.


    We install blinds and completely lower them.


    Mark the holes for the corners on the same level and make the holes.


    We fix the corners with screws.


    We pass the string through the corner so that the blinds remain on top of the corner and the rest of the string from below. Passing the string through the barrel and with a slight tension fix the screw.


    Gently hang the control hook at an angle


    Pass the bell through the control thread. We tie a knot at a convenient height and trim the excess edge

    Horizontal wooden blinds
    • Cost:
      from 1333 uah
    • Manufacture:
      2-7 days
    How to make a measurement
    Mounting options
    Mounting options

    For each leaf separately

    Mounting options

    Outside the window opening

    Mounting options

    Inside the window opening


    Measure the width along the outer edges of the glazing bead, taking into account both glazing beads and the glass itself.


    We measure the height along the outer edges of the glazing bead, taking into account both glazing beads and the glass itself and add +1 cm


    If desired, on opening and dull windows, you can add locks or strings to additionally fix the blinds on the window when opening.


    Choose which side will be more convenient for you to control the blinds (which side will have the cane and thread) left / right

    Horizontal wooden blinds
    • Cost:
      from 1333 uah
    • Manufacture:
      2-7 days
    What customers say about our work
    What customers say about our work

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    Horizontal wooden blinds
    • Cost:
      from 1333 uah
    • Manufacture:
      2-7 days
    Horizontal wooden blinds
    • Cost:
      from 1333 uah
    • Manufacture:
      2-7 days
    Horizontal wooden blinds in the interior
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      What customers say about our work
      What customers say about our work

      Customers are ready
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        Wood horizontal blinds — pretty expensive model, but these blinds indispensable for expensive interiors, since furniture made of precious wood, beautiful parquet requires the ensemble of such accessory, which will emphasize the elegance of the interior style. Since the lamella is made from natural wood and treated with natural materials, horizontal wooden blinds absolutely environmental sun system, suitable for any room.

        Width of lamella wooden blinds can be 25 or 50 mm, and a choice of colors from almost white to wenge, will allow you to order horizontal blinds wood exactly matches the color of your furniture.

        You can buy wood blinds baby — this will ensure it nice and clean environmental atmosphere in the office they will create a business style in the living room adds luxury to the elegance of the interior, and the bedroom will inspire serenity and peace.

        Caring for wooden blinds very simple, because they are processed in the manufacture of anti-static material that prevents the deposition of dust, only wipe them with a soft cloth.