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      Тип жалюзиЦена
      Стандартные горизонтальные жалюзи ширина ламели 25ммот 200 грн за шт
      Стандартные горизонтальные жалюзи ширина ламели 16ммот 378 грн за шт
      Жалюзи венус с смещенной пробивкой (полное затемнение)от 599 грн. шт или 855 грн м.кв.
      Жалюзи венус с стандартной пробивкойот 498 грн. шт или 711 грн м.кв.
      Горизонтальные деревянные жалюзи ширина ламели 25ммот 2622 UAH pcs
      Горизонтальные деревянные жалюзи ширина ламели 50ммот 2850 UAH pcs
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        Horizontal blinds

        the first blinds that appeared on the Windows in Ukraine, horizontal blinds, so almost everybody is familiar with their appearance and device. Horizontal blinds mounted in the window opening of the sun protection and regulation of outdoor light flux.

        Horizontal blinds consist of transverse plates called lamellae, which are interconnected by a system of threads. This system allows using canes to turn the slats at a certain angle to regulate the intensity of light entering the room, and by means of a cord to raise and lower the blinds, locking them at a certain height.

        With the arrival on the market of plastic Windows and wooden Windows with double-glazed Windows that are open in several planes, there is a need to modify the horizontal blinds. We created a new system of control horizontal blind Venus or Solodesign, which not only ensured the fit to the frame in such a way that at any angle of the window frame the blinds do not SAG, but also simplified management: rotation of the lamellae, lifting and lowering, and fixing the blinds at a certain height, using the same chain.

        Horizontal blind Venus is mounted directly on each window sash, where the slats overlap only glass, therefore, in the closed state of the horizontal blind Venus are a frame like the one. It should be noted that you can order shutters, the color exactly matches the color of the window frames.

        Wooden Venetian blinds — pretty expensive model, but these blinds indispensable for expensive interiors, since furniture made of precious wood, beautiful parquet requires the ensemble of such accessory, which will emphasize the elegance of the interior style. Since the lamella is made from natural wood and treated with natural materials, horizontal blinds is completely environmentally friendly sun protection system suitable for any room.

        Width of lamella wooden blinds can be 25 or 50 mm, and a choice of colors from almost white to wenge, will allow you to order horizontal blinds wood exactly matches the color of your furniture.