Bamboo blinds
Bamboo blinds
Product cost
from 535 uah
Actual on 27.01.21
Production time
2-7 days

Jute roleta
Jute roleta
#for eco interior #to the cottage #for the log house #for a wooden interior

The same system as in the open type, only jute fiber is used instead of fabric. All materials are environmentally friendly and have certificates of conformity. Hypoallergenic fabric

Environmental material Easy installation For any windows
Product cost
from 313 uah
Actual on 27.01.21
Production time
2-7 days

Fabric blinds Blackout
Fabric blinds Blackout
Product cost
from 535 uah
Actual on 27.01.21
Production time
2-7 days

Fabric blinds

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      What customers say about our work

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      Our projects
      Rolled curtains in an office of computer science
      Rolled curtains in an office of computer science
      • Number of items: 12
      • Manufacturing: 5 days
      • Client: School
      • Location: Odessa
      BRSM gas station
      BRSM gas station
      • Number of items: 18
      • Manufacturing: 6 days
      • Client: BRSM gas station
      • Location: Kharkiv
      Fabric roleta in “Fresh Line”
      Fabric roleta in “Fresh Line”
      • Number of items: 4
      • Manufacturing: 5 days
      • Client: Fresh Line
      • Location: Kiev
      See all projects
      Our advantages
      12 months warranty

      One year warranty and after-sales service for all products

      Convenient work schedule

      Masters arrive at a convenient time for you and the day of the week

      DSTU standards

      All our products comply with DSTU standards

      Cleaning after work

      After finishing work, the craftsmen clean everything after themselves.

      Detailed price list
      Тип тканевых роллетовЦена
      Открытого типа до 0,7 м. квот 224 грн за шт
      Открытого типа от 0,7 м. квот 319 грн за шт
      Закрытого типа до 0,7 м. квот 224 грн за шт
      Закрытого типа от 0,7 м. квот 319 грн за шт
      День Ночь до 0,7 м. квот 569 грн за шт
      День Ночь от 0,7 м. квот 812 грн за шт
      Джутовые до 0,7 м. квот 325 грн за шт
      Джутовые от 0,7 м. квот 464 грн за шт
      Бамбуковые до 0,7 м. квот 325 грн за шт
      Бамбуковые от 0,7 м. квот 464 грн за шт
      Стоимость дополнительных работ
      Стандартный монтаж80-100грн за изделие (от объема и сложности)
      * не стандартным монтажем считается работа на высоте более 3м, а так же с применением спецсредств и спецтехники (лестницы, строительные леса и т.д.)
      ** минимальная стоимость работы не менее 300грн
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        *Free measurement on condition of ordering products. The cost of measurement, without order - 100 UAH
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        Blinds and rollers in Rivne

        The production of blinds in Ukraine widespread. And not only in cities with the million population is made of quality blinds, but also in smaller regional cities and in some regional centres. the City of Rivne, though, and has a population of a quarter of a million, and not inferior to the ancient cultural traditions […]

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        Blinds of bamboo

        Giant grass — bamboo, which we used to see it only bamboo rods for fishing, currently used in many products. Furniture of bamboo, parket plank and especially popular now bamboo blinds. It can be horizontal blinds, which consist of bamboo slats, and roller bamboo blinds. Roller blinds from bamboo fabric, which consists of thin horizontal […]

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          Fabric blinds

          Fabric blinds is a wonderful addition to the interior, which has both a protective function against sunlight, excessive heat, and closes the room from the external review.

          Fabric blinds blinds are divided into open type and closed type. Fabric blinds of open type wound on the main roller and are fixed in the upper part of the window, or at any height by means of the management chain. Although fabric blinds of open type, unprotected and susceptible to external influences, it is kind of long it remains attractive, as the fabric from which produce roller blinds, undergoes specific processing, which makes it more dense, giving it anti-static effect, this treatment does not allow dust and dirt to penetrate deep into fabric fibers, so that even accidental contamination can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

          Fabric blinds closed type look more impressive, as they have a protective box the same color as the shutters or window frame. Price fabric blinds closed type is somewhat higher, but the safety and the life of them much longer.