Bamboo blinds

They are made from a bamboo cloth, which is curled, unlike the others, from bottom to top. They are usually installed on a wall above a window or on each wing. It is important to consider that they are large when folded.

Environmental material Easy installation For any windows
Product cost
from 313 uah
Actual on 25.05.24
Production time
2-7 days

Roller blinds

Bamboo blinds Edit
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    1 pc
    Price from 313 uah
    Production time - from 2 to 7 days

    The cost of installation is calculated separately, there are no self-tapping screws in the kit, they are selected on site independently based on the thickness of the glazing bead and the fastening surface

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    Description of bamboo roller blinds

    Service life from 5 to 15 years

    Natural wood

    European fittings

    Color and materials

    The collection contains more than 20 colors of various bamboo canvases.

    View fabrics

    Production in any size

    Production in any size with an accuracy of mm. If you wish, you can sign up for free measurement

    Warranty 12 to 24 months
    Reliable coverage

    The canvas is made from natural bamboo and coated with a hypoallergenic protective compound..

    System feature

    The product is lifted using a thread and the roll is twisted from the bottom up, significantly increasing in volume.

    Certified by DSTU
    Prices Bamboo blinds
    Ткань изделие до 0,7 м.кв изделие от 0.7 м.кв
    902  B-055, 516 UAH pcs 736 грн м.кв.
     TD-32, B-212, B-205, B-222,  B-111-1 677 UAH pcs 966 грн м.кв.
       TD-06 , BR-Q04 , 741 UAH pcs 1058 грн м.кв.
    719, 722, 723, BA -22, BN-11, 805 UAH pcs 1150 грн м.кв.
    6518, 6511,6 515,  6001, 6002. 1104, 1036, BA-21,  B-8BRG 966 UAH pcs 1380 грн м.кв.
    1021, 1022, 1023, BR-Q03, BN-21 1127 UAH pcs 1610 грн м.кв.
    0-10, 20, BN-23 1224 UAH pcs 1748 грн м.кв.
    Комплект магнитов +3 грн к изделию
    Комплект нижней фиксации +0,75 грн к изделию
    Стоимость дополнительных работ
    Замер бесплатно
    Стандартный монтаж 80-100грн за изделие  (от объема и сложности)
    * не стандартным монтажем считается работа на высоте более 3м, а так же с применением спецсредств и спецтехники (лесницы, строительные леса и т.д.)
    ** минимальная стоимость работы не мение 300грн
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    Bamboo blinds
    • Cost:
      from 313 uah
    • Manufacture:
      2-7 days
    Bamboo blinds
    • Cost:
      from 313 uah
    • Manufacture:
      2-7 days
    Bamboo blinds in the interior
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      What customers say about our work
      What customers say about our work

      Customers are ready
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        Bamboo has traditionally been the material for many of the things people use in everyday life. Is and rugs, crockery and so loved by children with bamboo fishing rods. No exception and blinds. Thin strips of bamboo arranged horizontally and is sewn with special tape, is easily rolled up and conveniently fixed on top of the window. Bamboo fabric retains well bright sunlight, does not allow heat to enter the room, and at the same time, creates the room a soft shade.

        Bamboo blinds and roller blinds made of jute like fabric blinds, but they are more breathable and well remain cool due to the fact that consist entirely of natural materials. The use of bamboo blinds just need where you need to adhere to environmentally-friendly atmosphere.

        If you are a supporter of natural materials, you will need to buy bamboo blinds not only in the bedroom and nursery, as well as those spaces where you spend time. Bamboo blinds decorate the office and the living room, especially if there is rattan furniture or natural wood.

        Order bamboo blinds or blinds can be different colors, because the color of natural bamboo changes from light green to dark brown.