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    Sell fabric blinds of various colors makes them even more attractive for modern interiors.

    Fabrics for the manufacture of blinds use a wide variety. First, plain-weave fabric with all colors of the rainbow can be a single texture, and can be diversified one, and secondly, a fabric with a pattern even more will decorate your interior and will allow you to select and order fabric rollet, even under the picture of your favorite cups, thirdly, using fabrics of different density, you may want to make the lighting soft or completely darken the room, for example, if it’s a home theater.

    fabric blinds for the whole apartment or separate rooms, choosing to the rest rooms and other types of blinds.

    Blinds enclosed type order wholesale is very profitable. Sometimes the owners even very large homes or flats or other premises, such as kindergartens, schools, manufacturing plants, make the mistake of trying to buy blinds gradually for certain areas. It is not profitable, because the wholesale price fabric blinds much less than retail, therefore, ordering a large batch blinds, you save quite a substantial amount.

    Comparison table
    Function Open type Closed type Day Night outdoor type Day-Night indoor type
    Full rise up + + + +
    Sun protection (of varying degrees) + + + +
    Protection from view from the street + + + +
    Protection from the glare of the screen + + + +
    Practical addition to the curtains + + + +
    Protect the shaft from dirt + + + +
    Regeliana flood light (descended position) + + + +
    Exclusive design + + + +
    Modern design + + + +
    Simulation of a unified whole with window + + + +
    Additional protection of the edges of fabric + + + +
    Protection mechanism from external influences + + + +
    The PRICE for the product 227 UAH. 473 UAH. 0 UAH. 1040 UAH.