Fabric blinds Open type

The simplest and most economical version of roller blinds. Suitable for all kinds of windows, easy metering and installation. The collection has different density fabrics, the price depends on the size and fabric.

Affordable price Easy installation For any windows
Product cost
from 216 uah
Actual on 28.01.22
Production time
2-7 days

Roller blinds

Fabric blinds Open type Edit
1 To calculate the cost, indicate the dimensions:
To calculate, enter cm. 1cm = 10mm.
Example: 575mm = 57.5cm and 1425mm = 142.5cm
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2 Color selection
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    4 Add. fittings
    Interior color

    The color of the product in the picture is conditional, it does not convey the exact color, structure and pattern of the material. The exact color is displayed in the "fabric selection" block to the left

    Select parameters for calculation
    1 pc
    Price from 216 uah
    Production time - from 2 to 7 days

    The cost of installation is calculated separately, there are no self-tapping screws in the kit, they are selected on site independently based on the thickness of the glazing bead and the fastening surface

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    Description of roller blinds of open type

    Service life from 5 to 15 years

    Polyester material

    European fittings

    Color and materials

    The catalog contains more than 300 colors. Fabrics of different density: from transparent to dense blackout.

    Choose a color for the blinds

    Production in any size

    Production in any size with an accuracy of mm. If you wish, you can sign up for a free measurement.

    Warranty 12 to 24 months
    Protective tissue processing

    The fabrics are impregnated with dust-repellent and anti-burning compounds, which guarantees a long service life.

    Control mechanism

    A simple system in which the fabric is wound on a shaft, and on the sides there are two fasteners. For inclined fixation, strings can be ordered.

    Certified by DSTU
    Prices Fabric blinds Open type
    Цены на рулонные шторы открытого типа
    Тканьизделие до 0,7 м.квизделие от 0.7 м.кв
     1016-1,  1016-2,  1016-3239 UAH pcs341 грн м.кв.
      LEN354 UAH pcs506 грн м.кв.
      Berlin, 1011-3,1008-2, 1017-2416 UAH pcs593 грн м.кв.
    America ,  Lazur ,  Woda,  Ikea ,   “А”,  G 902, G 111, G 112, G 109, G 105, G 2008-1422 UAH pcs602 грн м.кв.
      D 6001-1,  D 6001-2,  D 6001-3,  D 6001-6 ,  Акант, Перла.456 UAH pcs651 грн м.кв.
     Grass,  Cairo,  Pearl,   1017-1,   1019-3,   C 1022-3,  B 1012-3,   1011-1, Агат, Арабеска, Топаз,  Соломка, Натура524 UAH pcs749 грн м.кв.
    Лён ,  Дриада ,  Орбита,  Пальма,   Azalia,  Sprig,  Print,  Barvy,  Sota, Марсель,  Flowers,  5360/1, 5360/2, Маракеш, Кинга,  Фестиваль,  Фала,  Нил.546 UAH pcs782 грн м.кв.
    2010-1, 2010-2, JP 1019-3, JP 1020-1,  901, 903,  Umbra B/O, Альфа В/О, Сфера В/О, Camila, Wind, Pastel, Salut, Shade,  Гармония,  Шелк,  Flowers, Марсель,   Китайская роза , Болгарская роза571 UAH pcs814 грн м.кв.
     Лён В/О, Cairo B/O, Сакура ,  Камелия, Natural, Флора, Суфле В/О, Пасьянс В/О.614 UAH pcs879 грн м.кв.
     Emir, Sofi,  Eden, Luminis, Небо.707 UAH pcs1010 грн м.кв.
    Batik, Briar, Space, Онда, Сатара,  Frost , Barocco,  Abris,  Champange, Ping-Pong.  Орбита В/О,  Шелк В/О,  Афина В/О,  Пуэбло В/О,  Pearl B/O, Jute.754 UAH pcs1075 грн м.кв.
      Aruba, Verbena, Klever ,  Rosmary , Bubble,   Damask, Города (В900)822 UAH pcs1172 грн м.кв.
     Согдиана,  Paloma,   Calcutta,   Astra,   Viola,   Natur screen,1002 UAH pcs1433 грн м.кв.
    Сидней,  Джамала, Лиана,  Screen,  Aqua Pearl,  Aqua Breeze1048 UAH pcs1498 грн м.кв.
    Комплект струн+3 грн к изделию
    Комплект магнитов+3 грн к изделию
    Комплект нижней фиксации+0,75 грн к изделию
    Фотопечать  на тканях ( такани ; Len, Berlin белые)+13 грн к м.кв.
    Стоимость дополнительных работ
    Стандартный монтаж80-100грн за изделие  (от объема и сложности)
    * не стандартным монтажем считается работа на высоте более 3м, а так же с применением спецсредств и спецтехники (лесницы, строительные леса и т.д.)
    ** минимальная стоимость работы не мение 300грн

    We collect accessories for attaching the curtains. We snap (not completely) the gear into the bracket.


    We connect brackets with a roller blind


    We apply the assembled roller blind to the upper glazing bead. The top of the brackets shoul


    We expose the product exactly in width and height


    We remove roleta and mark the places for drilling on the window


    We fix the brackets with a screwdriver


    We put the roller shutter to the already installed bracket and make markings for the second bracket, retreating to the side by 1-2mm


    Fasten the second bracket


    We put the roller shutter to one mounted bracket, from the second we take out the gear and insert it into the shaft. And then insert into the bracket. We snap the gears to the end.


    We set the control chain limiters on the chain itself. To do this, completely raise the shutter and put the limiter on the chain. Then lower the shutter to the end of the lower glazing bead and place the limiter on the second side of the chain.

    String installation

    We pass the string through the hole in the bracket and tie a knot.


    We pass the line through the ring on the lower bar


    Lower the shutter to the lower glazing bead


    We pull the string and make markings for the string tensioner. (it is important that the fishing line is pulled straight and does not warp anywhere)


    We set the center of the string tensioner along the marked line and fix it with screws


    We stretch the string through the tensioner


    Using a flat screwdriver, turn the tensioner, thereby creating tension in the string

    Fabric blinds Open type
    • Cost:
      from 216 uah
    • Manufacture:
      2-7 days
    How to make a measurement
    Mounting options
    Mounting options

    For each leaf separately

    Mounting options

    Outside the window opening

    Mounting options

    Inside the window opening


    We measure the width and height along the outer edges of the glazing bead, taking into account both glazing beads and the glass itself.


    If desired, on opening and dull windows, you can add clamps or strings for additional fixing roleta on the window when opening.


    We choose which side will make it more convenient for you to control the rolet (which side the chain will be) left / right.

    Fabric blinds Open type
    • Cost:
      from 216 uah
    • Manufacture:
      2-7 days
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    What customers say about our work

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    Fabric blinds Open type
    • Cost:
      from 216 uah
    • Manufacture:
      2-7 days
    Fabric blinds Open type
    • Cost:
      from 216 uah
    • Manufacture:
      2-7 days
    Fabric blinds Open type in the interior
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    What customers say about our work
    What customers say about our work

    Customers are ready
    to recommend us

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    Fabric roleta in the store
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    Fabric blinds are at the peak of popularity. These, in fact, blinds look great in almost any room, whether it is kitchen, bedroom or nursery. roller Blind is a canvas fabric, which in expanded state fully covers the window opening, and when opening the curtains wound into a tight roll and secured on top of the window. Management of blinds is a special chain that allows you to raise and lower the fabric blinds, as well as fix it at a certain height.

    fabric Blinds of open type for plastic Windows when rewinding on a roller fixed above the window frame in the clear.

    Price fabric blinds of open type is low, so they are popular in the regeneration of large areas.

    in addition, buy wholesale fabric blinds is much more profitable since wholesale price blinds from fabric is significantly different from retail.

    Sell fabric blinds of various colors makes them even more attractive for modern interiors.

    Comparison table
    FunctionOpen typeClosed typeDay Night outdoor typeDay-Night indoor type
    Full rise up++++
    Sun protection (of varying degrees)++++
    Protection from view from the street++++
    Protection from the glare of the screen++++
    Practical addition to the curtains++++
    Protect the shaft from dirt++++
    Regeliana flood light (descended position)++++
    Exclusive design++++
    Modern design++++
    Simulation of a unified whole with window++++
    Additional protection of the edges of fabric++++
    Protection mechanism from external influences++++
    The PRICE for the product227 UAH.473 UAH.0 UAH.1040 UAH.