Vertical blinds

The classic option for office training and other workrooms. Blinds are made with a slat width of 89mm and 127mm. Narrow lamellas are better for small windows, and wide for large ones.

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Product cost
from 171 uah
Actual on 27.01.21
Production time
2-7 days

Vertical blinds

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2 Сторона управления

3 Доп. фурнитура
4 Lamella width

127 мм.

89 мм.

5 Выбор цвета
    Цвет интерьера

    Цвет изделия на картинке условный, он не передает точный цвет, структуру и узор материала. Точный цвет отображается в блоке «выбор ткани» левее

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    1 шт
    Цена from 171 uah
    Сроки изготовления - от 2-х до 7 дней

    Стоимость монтажа расчитывается отдельно

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    Description of fabric vertical blinds

    Service life from 5 to 15 years

    Polyester material

    European fittings

    Color and materials

    There are more than 200 colors, fabrics with different textures and complexity for your choice.

    Choose a color for the blinds

    Cornice and lamellas separately

    If necessary, you can order separately only a cornice or only lamellas. Or call the measurer to replace any parts.

    Warranty 12 to 24 months

    Protective tissue processing

    The fabrics are impregnated with dust-repellent and anti-burning compounds, which guarantees a long service life.

    Control mechanism

    A simple system in which the fabric is wound on a shaft, and on the sides there are two fasteners. For inclined fixation, strings can be ordered.

    Certified by DSTU
    Prices Vertical blinds
    Цены на вертикальные жалюзи шириной ламели 127мм
    Наименование тканиЦена ткани
    G-8 (пластиковый карниз)177 грн м.кв.
    G-7; G-4506 (пластиковый карниз)195 грн м.кв.
    Line206 грн м.кв.
    Astoria247 грн м.кв.
    Amerika Niagara251 грн м.кв.
    Chip255 грн м.кв.
    Salut255 грн м.кв.
    Made264 грн м.кв.
    Creppe Bombei264 грн м.кв.
    Venta New Kasandra269 грн м.кв.
    Nefta284 грн м.кв.
    Ninel Sandra284 грн м.кв.
    Fortuna Orestes Kair288 грн м.кв.
    Jangle Lady301 грн м.кв.
    Shantung Pekin Hong Kong301 грн м.кв.
    Angel. Cascade308 грн м.кв.
    Moran Jazz Volna308 грн м.кв.
    Coral Hanoi317 грн м.кв.
    Wave Kasandra328 грн м.кв.
    Van Gogh Tiffani340 грн м.кв.
    Madeira Flora340 грн м.кв.
    Itaca 1401 02 03 07 08 10 15 16 19 22 28 30 35343 грн м.кв.
    Itaca 1409 11 12 13 27 29 32 36 37 40 41427 грн м.кв.
    Jacquard355 грн м.кв.
    New Spise Tropic Miracle355 грн м.кв.
    Fantazy Venetia369 грн м.кв.
    New Quebec New Dunes375 грн м.кв.
    Nilo Liana Duna415 грн м.кв.
    Capri new427 грн м.кв.
    Dunes473 грн м.кв.
    Mountain517 грн м.кв.
    Rembrant605 грн м.кв.
    Quebec785 грн м.кв.
    Цены на вертикальные жалюзи шириной ламели 89мм
    Наименование тканиЦена ткани
    Line II273 грн м.кв.
    Line 89283 грн м.кв.
    Reis 89324 грн м.кв.
    Salute 89328 грн м.кв.
    Water 89339 грн м.кв.
    America 89351 грн м.кв.
    Shantung 89371 грн м.кв.
    Anna 89378 грн м.кв.
    Jazz 89378 грн м.кв.
    Venta 89 (Beirut) 191, 192, 193 ,195378 грн м.кв.
    Amsterdam 89381 грн м.кв.
    Sandra 89387 грн м.кв.
    Sahara 89390 грн м.кв.
    Disko 89396 грн м.кв.
    Polonez 89405 грн м.кв.
    Aleksa 89409 грн м.кв.
    Apollon 89416 грн м.кв.
    Van Gogh 89433 грн м.кв.
    Orlando 89436 грн м.кв.
    Fortuna 89442 грн м.кв.
    Orestes 89451 грн м.кв.
    Beirut 89466 грн м.кв.
    Avrora 89472 грн м.кв.
    Miracle 89477 грн м.кв.
    Shukatan 89 В.О.498 грн м.кв.
    Country 89551 грн м.кв.
    Sultan 89551 грн м.кв.
    Polina 89530 грн м.кв.
    Arizona 89530 грн м.кв.
    Edem 89539 грн м.кв.
    Shambala 89543 грн м.кв.
    Studio 89547 грн м.кв.
    Bagdad 89549 грн м.кв.
    Kobra 89551 грн м.кв.
    Jangle 89 141,151551 грн м.кв.
    Jangle 89 157,158,159585 грн м.кв.
    Ampir 89585 грн м.кв.
    Avenue 89616 грн м.кв.
    Shukatan 89750 грн м.кв.
    Кронштейн0,8 UAH pcsука
    Округления по ширине верт. жалюзи 1 м
    Округления по высоте верт. Жалюзи 1,6 м
    Наклонные жалюзи. Мах высота Х ширину +20%
    Стоимость дополнительных работ
    Стандартный монтаж100-130грн за изделие (от объема и сложности)
    * не стандартным монтажем считается работа на высоте более 3м, а так же с применением спецсредств и спецтехники (лесницы, строительные леса и т.д.)
    ** минимальная стоимость работы не мение 300грн
    Wall mounting

    Before installation, you need to make markings for the brackets. We begin to do the marking from the window sill from two (three) sides, given an indent of 1 cm. We make marks on the upper hole of the bracket


    We fasten the brackets from the edge of the cornice of 15-20 cm. For installation, you need a punch, a drill of 6-8 mm, a dowel (you select the dowel length from the type of wall) and screws.


    Using the screw and nut, we fix the latch for the cornice on the bracket


    Fix the cornice


    Please note that the louvre louvres have a front and back side. When hanging, all lamellas should be located one way


    Fasten the bottom chain to each lamella on both sides

    Установка в проем/потолок

    Before installation, you need to make markings for fasteners. If the blinds are up to the windowsill, the distance from the wall should be 10cm. If the blinds are longer than the window sill, add a window sill extension to the standard 10 cm indent.


    We fasten the latches from the edge of the cornice of 15-20 cm. For installation in concrete, a perforator, a 6-8mm drill, a 6-8mm dowel and screws are needed. For installation in Armstrong metal screws are needed.


    Fix the cornice


    Please note that the louvre louvres have a front and back side. When hanging, all lamellas should be located one way


    Fasten the bottom chain to each lamella on both sides

    Vertical blinds
    • Cost:
      from 171 uah
    • Manufacture:
      2-7 days
    How to make a measurement
    Mounting options
    Mounting options

    To the ceiling

    Mounting options

    On the wall

    Mounting options

    In the opening


    When installing inside a window opening, you need to take a measurement for the width and height of the opening. Take away from the received sizes-1cm


    When installing over a window opening in a wall, you need to take a measurement for the width and height of the opening. To the obtained width add 10-20 cm, to the obtained height add 10 cm to secure the bracket. (Optionally, the length of the lamella can be made below the window sill)


    When installing over the window opening in the ceiling, you need to take measurements along the width of the opening, and the height can be adjusted as desired (do not forget to take into account the protruding cornice and the indent from the window sill 1 cm). To the resulting width add 10-30 cm


    It is also important to choose which side the controls will be and how the lamellas will slide apart (one way or two)

    Vertical blinds
    • Cost:
      from 171 uah
    • Manufacture:
      2-7 days
    What customers say about our work
    What customers say about our work

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    Vertical blinds
    • Cost:
      from 171 uah
    • Manufacture:
      2-7 days
    Vertical blinds
    • Cost:
      from 171 uah
    • Manufacture:
      2-7 days
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      What customers say about our work
      What customers say about our work

      Customers are ready
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      12 months warranty

      One year warranty and after-sales service for all products

      Convenient work schedule

      Masters arrive at a convenient time for you and the day of the week

      DSTU standards

      All our products comply with DSTU standards

      Cleaning after work

      After finishing work, the craftsmen clean everything after themselves.

      Can't decide?

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        *Free measurement on condition of ordering products. The cost of measurement, without order - 100 UAH
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          Vertical blinds appeared later than horizontal, but immediately became popular and widespread.

          Slats vertical blinds are specially treated strip of fabric 89 mm (blinds so-called “American”), or a width of 127 mm (blinds “European type”). The fabric can be not only different colors but also different textures — from thin, almost transparent, to dense and heavy.

          Vertical blinds, replacing curtains, provide host space for imagination in decorating the house or apartment, since the choice of materials for the manufacture of vertical blinds is very high, and at the same time, free them from unnecessary trouble. Because the slats are treated with antistatic compositions, they are almost not polluted. Vertical blinds can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, and if they got strong pollution, they are easy to remove with a damp cloth.

          Vertical blinds visually make the room above, their slats can be moved in one direction from the window, and spread out from the middle, they allow the flow of fresh air into the room and at the same time protect it from strong sunlight.

          order vertical blinds can be almost any color and different texture of fabric, you will not have problems in the selection of blinds to have the finished interior design.

          Buy vertical blinds can be in any branch of our company, which are located in many regional centers of Ukraine. This can be done by phone or via the website.

          Options for vertical blinds
          Sun protection +
          Protection from view from the street +
          The rotation of the slats +
          A full Swipe to the side +
          Use in partition +
          Ceiling large openings +
          Unlimited height +