Blinds of bamboo

Жалюзи из бамбука A giant grass, bamboo, earlier we can see it only like fishing-rods for angling. At present it is utilized in numerous products and consumer goods such as furniture of bamboo, parket plank and especially window blinds of bamboo which are so popular.

Blinds and rollers in Rivne

Жалюзі і ролети в Рівному Though the town of Rivne has a population of a quarter million but its cultural traditions are not less ancient than in largest cities of Ukraine. Today in Rivne our company, a manufacturer of blinds and rollers, proposes quality blinds and rollers in wide and various assortments to residents of this beautiful and unhurried city. These are horizontal blinds of aluminium and plastics and vertical blinds in variety of colours, rolling shades and blackouts, and wooden blinds and bamboo rollers.