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Blinds and roller blinds in Kiev

addressKIEV, PROV. YAROSLAVSKY, 7/9, OF. 2

the Company and holders of long-Service offers to buy blinds in Kiev. But now, with the latest equipment, a range of blinds that are offered for sale significantly increased.

in Addition to establishing horizontal blinds for plastic Windows and vertical blinds, we offer the people of Kiev to try fabric blinds, and such a model, which is designed for plastic Windows. Mounting shutters directly to the window frame, and closing the only window, fabric blinds almost blend in with the window frame, creating a single surface.

Fabric blinds very practical, in addition, the variety of colors of fabrics for the roller blinds, as well as various textures of fabrics allow you to pick the exclusive solutions to the existing interior or such that is being designed. Practicality and price fabric blinds often makes them a favorite of sales.

But fabric blinds are not alone in the segment of the blinds. Roller blinds are made not only from fabric, a very popular bamboo blinds and jute blinds. Buy roller blinds from these materials we offer to the lovers of natural materials in the interior.

not to mention here, though not as popular as fabric blinds, Roman blinds. Favorite in Italy Roman blinds steadily gaining the preference of the people of Ukraine. Comprising elegant horizontal folds, Roman blinds can decorate a window not only inside but also outside. The price of Roman blinds to fabric blinds depends on cost of fabric.

Company Blinds Service provides also the possibility to buy in Kiev protective blinds and Alvorada and roller garage doors, which certainly contributes to the protection of property and private houses of Kiev. Price protective roller shutters and garage roller doors depends on the type of profile and automatic lifting system.


How is the installation?

Reasons why to order shutters and blinds in the company "Blinds-SERVIS":

Reason # 1

Production equipment thevalue of $550 thousand

Reason # 2

Year warranty and post-warranty service of all products.

Reason # 3

a great experience. We working since 2001.

Reason 4

Master come in convenient time and day. weeks.

Reason 5

Great choice. In stock always in the availability of materials for $250-300 thousand

Reason # 6

the Compliance of products with standards DSTU.

Reason # 7

If You need urgently, You do an emergency!

Reason # 8

After completion of the work of the master clean up after themselves.

Reason # 9

We privacy guarantee information about You.

Reason # 10

part of the profit goes to orphanages.

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