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Blinds and roller blinds in Kharkov

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the Network of branches of the company and holders of Service expanded, and now it allows buy shutters in Kharkiv. A comprehensive package of services blinds includes advice on choosing blinds, preliminary measurements for the manufacture of blinds, their delivery and installation.

a Wide variety of models of sun systems gives everyone the opportunity to choose exactly the model of blinds that not only will perfectly blend with the interior of the room, but will appeal to all tenants of the house, apartment or office.

Standard horizontal blinds, as well as a new model of horizontal blinds for plastic Windows of Venus and elegant made of different colors, sizes, and most fit for service, office, production premises, as well as the interior in the style of hi-tech. But buy wood horizontal blinds for classical interiors, especially that the color of the lamellae can pick up exactly in the tone of wooden furniture.

Vertical blinds made of fabrics of different colors, and although they are more used in home interiors, many institutions, such as clinics, dental offices, even the banks often order vertical blinds to create a more relaxed informal environment. Very impressive look in any room application blinds are made of slats of different colors and sizes, allowing you to create original pattern or even company logo.

Roller shades, which has spread in recent years, it is possible to tell, universal in application. To purchase roller blinds for the kindergarten, school and home, appartment, office, — in any room they would be appropriate. Moreover, a variety of types of blinds allows in any environment to find their proper place. For example, a plain fabric blinds on plastic Windows are suitable for strict interior, fabric blinds with fun prints — for kindergartens and schools. Buy fabric blinds is possible even for industrial premises, because they do not require special care and, thanks to special processing of the fabric does not accumulate dust and dirt. Another type of blinds — bamboo and jute blinds complement the interior in Oriental style, and are also suitable for decorating the Windows in the rooms for children because it is made from natural environmentally friendly material.

Original interior decoration are Roman blinds, these can be made of fabrics of different colors and texture, it is trivial to align them with the overall design.

Well, of course, a private residence, office, shop cost without protective shutters. These reliable and rugged devices not only have a protective and anti-burglary properties, but also have an attractive look. Buy protective shutters may be used with different colors, picking them under the General exterior of the building. Roller garage doors, as well as volvoreta that use at the entrance to the private residences and industrial facilities, is also not only easy to use, but also look quite attractive. Buy roller garage doors in Kharkov for a private garage, for industrial premises can be ordered in our company Blinds Service.


How is the installation?

Reasons why to order shutters and blinds in the company "Blinds-SERVIS":

Reason # 1

Production equipment thevalue of $550 thousand

Reason # 2

Year warranty and post-warranty service of all products.

Reason # 3

a great experience. We working since 2001.

Reason 4

Master come in convenient time and day. weeks.

Reason 5

Great choice. In stock always in the availability of materials for $250-300 thousand

Reason # 6

the Compliance of products with standards DSTU.

Reason # 7

If You need urgently, You do an emergency!

Reason # 8

After completion of the work of the master clean up after themselves.

Reason # 9

We privacy guarantee information about You.

Reason # 10

part of the profit goes to orphanages.

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